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Exposition coopration

Contents of E-business strategic partners

As a E-business strategic partner of exposition, APOE will join the organization.
E-business strategic partner: APOE will be mentioned in the promotion of the exposition.
Term of strategic cooperation: 3 years

Exhibition organizers' rights and obligations:

Using APOE exposition platform system
Promotion materials include APOE information(invitation letter to exhibition, buyer invitation, tickets, identifying card, exposition souvenir etc).
All the expo-participants will be APOE membership.
Providing precise information of participants and buyers.
Providing 36 square meters of showroom and special decoration.
Cooperation of purchasing and trading.
Cooperation of E-business training.
Special profits for APOE -membership participants.

Rights and obligations of APOE

Being E-business strategic partner with exhibition.
Providing related net-ads resource.
Recommending exhibitions to APOE members.
Organizing buyers to purchasing and trading exposition.
E-business forum and training.
Special coverage of exhibition.

Contents of E-business partners

Exhibition organizors' rights and obligations:

Using APOE exhibition platform.
Recommending exhi-participants to become APOE members.
Promotion materials include APE imformation.
Promotion materials: invitation letter to exhibition, buyer invitation, tickets, identifying card, Exhibition contact, related activities.

The rights and obligations of APOE:

Being E-business partner with exhibition.
Providing APOE exhibition platform.
Promoting for exhibitions on APOE website.

Strategic cooperation of exhibition hall

The rights and obligations of exhibition hall:

Media promotion for APOE in the right place in the hall.
E-business strategic partnership between APOE and exhibitions held by hall itself.
Communication channel for APOE and exhibition organizors.
The rights and obligation of APOE:
Providing related net-ads on APOE 's website.
Providing related services of strategic cooperation for exhibitions held by hall itself.
Supporting media promotion for exhibitions held in the hall.