OEM Information System

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Electronic catalog is a digital publishing catalog based on our latest information technology. By sorting out your products with matching photo, OEM number, manufactor number product details etc. and package in a unique data system , we build your own unique ecatalog, which can both help to locate and to compare quality with other brand name product conveniently.

Our ecatalog is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, includes functions of the ability to find best match, real-time update, numerous access authority setting, etc.

In this paper-out decade, especially in Auto Parts field, ecatalog is much more efficient and cost effective than producing a paper book. So, what are you waiting for? With service of our experts team, your unique ecatalog may create as a CD/DVD or on your website for the world to view!

E-Catalog in DVD Version has the numerous product numbers and vehicle information. It’s available to search the product by numbers, vehicles or engines. This catalog is very useful to the right buyer.

All the product information is included in DVD Version. In order to keep the data security, we take the following measures. The OE Numbers or Famous Manufacturer Numbers are shielded in DVD Version. In this way, the Number only available once it is the search criterion.

Also, the tailor-made orders are accepted.